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Who are we?

At ALoKAS Our classes nurture creativity and spontaneity while providing a sound technical foundation in all genres. A wide selection of classes permit children and parents to select a path, whether recreational or pre-professional, tailored to their needs. Our Carnatic Music classes are enriched by Instruments (Veenai, Violin, Keyboard or percussion) accompaniment, promoting students’ musicality, and students work with fully qualified instructors to explore their abilities and progress through each level at a unique and individual pace. Our programs are designed to meet everyone’s quest to follow their passion and suitable for students looking for opportunities to commit to fully train his or her body and soul, thereby achieving a healthy life, or considering the arts as a profession or simply has a desire for ‘the best’. Students are assessed on an ongoing basis as they progress through each level of training and given certificate of achievement. Each student is given an opportunity to showcase his/her skills that he/she acquired through competitions & performances.


Programs We Offer




Martial arts
Speech & Drama

"Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.”
― Modest Mouse

"Dance is an expression of the soul through body."

"Yoga is nothing but the balance between body & mind."

"Attitude determines the aptitude to reach the altitude in life."