Birth of ALoKAS

ALoKAS was founded as a result of laborious search for a quality intuition that can teach traditional classical music, dance and arts at the outskirt of the Kuala Lumpur city at an affordable price through specially trained teachers with the vision to preserve treasurable traditional arts and culture. From its inception 8 years ago, ALoKAS has touched and enriched the lives of numerous children and adults through its events & classes on the traditional dances, music, yoga, chess, and language arts. Tradition alone may not appeal to the greater masses, especially in today’s generation, Hence ALoKAS has created many programmes with a modern approach to the ancient arts.

Our Founder

ALoKAS Arts Academy was founded by Vijaya Subramaniam, a former advocate / Lecturer who is passionate in enriching the current youths through teachings of traditional arts and culture. Since its humble beginnings in 2014 as a neighborhood tutelage center, ALoKAS has matured and expanded to its own studio with numerous branches in and around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. ALoKAS' firm stance in the industry in spite of many storms & turbulences is definitely due to headstrong administration of our founder.

Early days

In our infancy, ALoKAS was just a neighbourhood arts center catering to a small number of students. But from the very start, ALoKAS was fortunate to have a glimpse of the demand garnered. Thus, ALoKAS has relocated and revamped to reach a wider audience and from then on, it was all an uphill climb. As we climbed up that hill, so did our students.

ALoKAS Arts Academy, the one stop solution to all your educational needs. At ALoKAS, we value the importance of knowledge and tradition. We strive to shine a bright light onto our youth as they embark on a beatific journey of a thousand stories depicted through the numerous traditional art forms cultivated at ALoKAS. We passionately attempt to reignite the dwindling embers of ancient forms of art and reinvigorate the creative minds by fusing it to the modern arts.

New Chapter

ALoKAS through its commendable track records leaped to a new chapter in 2018 by signing a Memorandum of Understanding to offer twinning programmes in Music, Dance, Tamil, Yoga and Devaram with Annamalai University, India which is one of the oldest and largest public universities with almost hundred years of rich history and pioneered in establishing of a faculty of Fine Arts. And thus created a road map for spreading the treasurable Indian culture & Heritage through its carefully crafted programmes.



ALoKAS has achieved numerous accolades since it’s conception. Without sounding too boastful, here’s a glimpse of some of our most notable awards.

  • Entry into Malaysian Book of Records
  • ALoKAS Rapid Chess Tournament 2017
  • ALokAS Graduation & annual concert 2017 to 2018
  • ALoKAS (FIDE Rated) Rapid Chess Tournament 2018
  • National Yoga Championship 2018
  • Mallakhamb Yoga workshops & camps 2018
  • TRAACS International Carnival 2019
  • book

    Meaning of ALoKAS

    The word ALoKAS originated from Sanskrit which means “rays of light” and at ALoKAS Arts Academy it means “Absorb the Light Of Knowledge to Attain Success”. ALoKAS is the place for people of all ages and walks of life to get enriched through a variety of programmes offered by us to attain success in their lives. ALoKAS acts as a catalyst for people to uncover their hidden potentials.